Please review your Chapter's information!!! Whether you moved or not check to see if you're in the correct district, the correct address is there along with the correct meeting night and time.

If not inform the Webmaster ASAP!



1st 10th
2nd 11th
3rd 13th
4th 14th
5th 16th
6th 17th
7th 19th
8th 20th

7th District Hand Crafted Gavel

11th District Hand Crafted
Walking Stick

19th District Traveling Award
Named after a Certain PGHP

16th District Traveling Award
Companion Ted E. Bear

Royal Arch Masons who travel to the different inspections around the state of Ohio often compete for posession of various district traveling awards. If yours is not shown, e-mail a picture of it to the Webmaster.

9th District Hand Crafted
Traveling Clock