Companion Kenneth Smith
Receives 70 Year Award Plaque

REC James Stephens, Jr., DDGHP REC Dave Kevorkian,
Companion Kenneth Smith and MEC George M. Shell.
Companion Smith received his 70 year award plaque on January18, 2012.


Companion Thomas Ray Evans
Receives 60 Year Pin

REC Herbert L. Smith from the Ninth Capitular District presenting a
60 year pin to Companion Thomas Ray Evans in Lorain, Ohio.
Companion Evans is 92 years old and is a member of Athens Chapter # 39.


Dr. Jennifer Allsop
Gives Talk About Dementia

High Priest Earl Workman and Dr. Jennifer Allsop after an open house
at Wakeman Chapter #177 where Dr. Allsop gave a talk about Dementia.


Companion Howard Wheeler
Receives 65 year pin

REC Herbert Smith presenting a 65 year pin to Companion Howard Wheeler from Huron #7.
On R. High Priest James Vanhentehrych, H.P. of Huron #7